Thompson Ridges recommendations for a healthy garden and landscape
Water 1" "Per Week".  Use a moisture meter. Under watering as well as excessive watering can kill plant material. 
Prune to control size and shape of plant, to remove dead or diseased material, to remove old flowers to prevent seed production.
Prune flowering plants once a year after blooming.
Prune branches on trees that grow toward the center or that grow across other branches.
Never apply fertilizer in times of extreme weather conditions.
Ideal conditions are when night time temperatures are above freezing and day time temps are below 90 degrees F.
Do not apply fertilizer if you are not going to be able to water.
Always apply fertilizer around the drip edge of the plant. (In other words, apply fertilizer in a circle around the plant that is the same width of the foliage or branches of the plant.)
 Keep off lawn when it is extremely wet to avoid crushing roots and leaving holes off footprints.
DO NOT use weed and lawn killers on windy days or when temperatures are below 55 degrees F.
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